Roaming Redmond horses have a field day, outside their field

Escaped equines startle neighbors

Horses explore neighborhood

REDMOND, Ore. - The Redmond Police Department had an interesting Tuesday morning, when calls of horses on the loose in a quiet neighborhood started rolling in.

"They were just right in the court,” Donna Viola said.

"Some people in the 2000 block of Northwest Nickernut Court woke up to some horses in their front yard,” said police Lt. Curtis Chambers.

Police responded around 7:30 a.m., shaking up a peaceful cul de sac.

"I was thinking it was a medical emergency -- I was waiting for the fire truck to show up,” Jack Newcomb said.

Authorities said four horses escaped from a pasture on Northwest Way through a gate that was left open, or blown open by the wind. They made their way through the neighborhood, ending up in Viola’s front lawn.

"I just happened to look out the front door, and there was four horses in the court,” Viola said.

“The real hero of this story is a lady who showed up, who saw them going down 19th and she was obviously a horse person,” Viola added. She said the woman was able to halter the horses and keep them in place until the cops got there.

Neighbors say the police department also went above and beyond.

“(The officer) got a shovel and there was some horse plop -- is that a good word? -- on one of the neighbor's driveways, and they took care of that,” Newcomb said.

After seeing for themselves if the grass really is greener on the other side, police walked the horses back to their pasture a few blocks away and returned them to their owner.

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