Reminder: First rain in weeks will mean slick roads

Bend FD offers tips to avoid trouble

BEND, Ore. - With rain in the forecast after months of dry weather in Central Oregon, drivers can expect slippery road conditions during the first shower sin weeks. This is because the accumulated oils from traffic are floated up by the first rainwater on the road.


The Bend Fire Department offers some helpful tips:

  • Drive even more defensively than usual. Other drivers may not realize how slick the roads are.
  • Don’t tailgate: give yourself and other drivers enough room to brake safely.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles will also lose traction: give them some room.
  • Be patient, especially if the first rain comes during rush hour.
  • Slow down a notch: give yourself and others time to decide what to do.

To be safe on the highways and byways, readjust your driving to meet the challenges of more slippery driving conditions in advance of the storm, and if you have teenage drivers, please make sure they are aware of this.


Let’s all do our part so everyone gets home safely!

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