Redmond to mark Arbor Week with tree plantings

The Redmond City Council has proclaimed the week of April 7-13, 2013, as Arbor Week.

As our city celebrates Arbor Week, tree plantings in several parks and at the  Redmond Wastewater Treatment Plant are scheduled.

Arbor Week serves to educate children and adults about the importance of trees, honor the significant role trees play in our daily lives, and provide an opportunity to plant trees that serve as a living tribute to loved ones remembered by family and friends.

Trees are a valuable resource in our city, they provide shade and habitat for wildlife, improve air and water quality, reduce the erosion of precious topsoil, increase property values and economic vitality in business areas, and contribute to a sense of community pride and ownership.

This year's tree plantings will include:
Location Types of Trees/Shrubs
Homestead Park 4 Apple, 2 Red Maple, 1 Red Dogwood
Wastewater Treatment Plant 18 Shrubs
Bowlby Fields 8 Silver Maples, 8 Ponderosa Pines
Umatilla Park 4 Lindens
Weigand Family Dog Park 2 Robe Locust

Volunteers for these planting activities include the Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts and Community Presbyterian Church.

 The City of Redmond is recognized as a "Tree City USA" recipient for fostering programs which increase the number and health of our trees.

The city will also recognize April 26, 2013, as National Arbor Day. Redmond citizens are encouraged through the city to become more involved with the planting and stewardship of the urban forest throughout the first full week of April in celebration of Arbor Week.

Please contact the City of Redmond Public Works Department at 541.504.2000 for additional information.

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