Redmond resident shares the Halloween spirit, big-time

Meanwhile, Bend Halloween store sells like crazy

Halloween house draws many...

REDMOND, Ore. - It's a ghoulish night, filled with many tricks, treats and frights. But for many, it's also a chance to have a little fun -- or a lot. 

Kids of all ages ring the doorbell on Halloween night, and one very decorated house on Southwest 31st Street in Redmond has become especially popular. 

"This is my way of giving back to the community," homeowner Ron Wouda said Tuesday. "To see the enjoyment that people get from this is my biggest reward and I don't do this for myself."

Wouda has been decorating his house for eight years, and every year has been more extreme than the last. In fact, he could not put up all his decorations this year, simply because there was not enough room. 

Plus, he never runs out of candy. 

"As a small kid, it was the biggest sin in the world to run out of candy," Wouda said. "So I try not to."

He said more than 400 trick or treaters came to his house last year. Over 29 inflatable creatures decorated Wouda's yard this year. They were collected from end-of-season sales and thrift shops from all over Central Oregon. 

Meanwhile, the seasonal store in northeast Bend, Spirit Halloween, still had several options and quite a variety of costumes on Halloween. 

"It's great and it's fun to see," said store manager Skyler Schroeder. "If I worked at another store, I don't think I would make a kid's day like I do here. They're stoked about their costumes."

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn were among this year's most popular costume choices for girls. Schroeder said the boys chose just about anything. 

Two of the busiest days for the store were last Friday and Saturday, when lines were all the way to the back of the store. The store made over $100,000 in those two days. On average, a customer would spend about $40.  

And Wouda is glad to share the fun of this kid-centered holiday with everyone.

"There's so much negative stuff going on that having one night of happiness -- pure happiness -- is worth it," Wouda said. "It's worth it."

The Spirit Halloween store is open until Nov. 2. 

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