Redmond plans security cameras in several spots

Council to discuss plans Tuesday night

Security cameras coming to Redmond?

REDMOND, Ore. - Security cameras soon could be coming to several Redmond parks and other public locations around the city, in a bit to deter vandalism and other crimes.

In an effort to catch criminals and deter vandalism, the Redmond City Council is being asked Tuesday night to approve funding to install security cameras around the city.

Redmond Police Chief Dave Tarbet said they identified 13 sites around Redmond that have been hit hard with crime -- many of them are parks.

If approved, the project is expected to cost nearly $119,000 over the next three years.

Mayor George Endicott said Monday the project will likely be completed in two phases. The first phase would include nine locations and would cost about $64,000; Reese Security Solutions was chosen among three vendors who submitted bids.

The city plans to install a combination of network-connected and  wireless cameras.

Police would be able to monitor cameras through a live feed, both in patrol cars and  at the station.

Public works officials also would have access to camera feeds.

Potential site locations include: American Legion Park Pavilion's concession building /restrooms; Sam Johnson Park Pavilion and restrooms; Wastewater plant areas; city wells and Forked Horn Butte Pump Station; public works areas; Evergreen School; fine art security at Sixth Street and Deschutes, near the Housing Works building; Centennial Park; Quince Park; Skate Park and the  Bowlby Field Trail Tunnel.

 "(The city will) put it where in those areas where we have the most problems right away and hit the secondary areas a few years from now," Endicott said.  "It's expensive, but you know, it's something that we have to try to address, trying to get it under control."

Police said  property crimes on city and park buildings have cost the city more than $92,000 in repairs since 2004.

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