Redmond PD warn of scam caller pretending to be officer

'Sgt. Cook' says turn self in on 'warrant'-or pay

REDMOND, Ore. - Throughout the day Friday, Redmond police said they received several phone calls from residents reporting they have received calls from a man purporting to be a "Sergeant Cook" from that agency of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, in a bid to rip them off over a supposed "warrant."

The caller advises the person has a warrant for their arrest and to turn themselves into the Redmond Police Department, Lt. Curtis Chambers said.

In some cases, the male caller asks for money. Residents have also reported the male caller, when questioned further about the "warrant," becomes frustrated and insults the person receiving the call.

The Redmond Police Department and Deschutes County Sheriff's Office said they want everyone to know it is not common practice to make phone calls to individuals and request money in lieu of an arrest warrant.

If you receive one of these phone calls, please do not provide any personal information, or money, and hang up. Most cell phones and landline telephone companies can block specific phone numbers.

Last month, three Southeast U.S. residents were charged by federal authorities for their involvement in a similar scam.

An investigation into these phone calls is just beginning, Chambers said, and it is too early to tell if these new calls are somehow related to the recent arrests.

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