Redmond outdoor burn spreads; fire crews save barn

New area residents warned of rules -- 'this time'

REDMOND, Ore. - A small, illegal outdoor burn was kicked up by Thursday's winds and spread to nearly four acres in Redmond Thursday afternoon before crews who could get a handle on it, just before it reached a barn, officials said.

Firefighters responded around 2:40 p.m. to the report of a field fire at 7835 S. Canal Boulevard that was quickly upgraded as the flames approached a barn, said Redmond Fire Marshal Traci Cooper.

Arriving fire crews were able to stop the fire just before it ignited the barn, Cooper said, then put out the rest of the blaze that burned 3.85 acres and mopped up the rest of the hot spots.

The fire sent smoke across South Canal for a time, limiting driver visibility. No injuries were reported.

Cooper said they learned a small illegal outdoor burn had quickly spread due to high winds and dry conditions.

She also reminded residents that the outdoor burning season in Deschutes County closed on June 2.

Asked if the resident, Mark Ramp, was cited, Cooper said, "No, they are new to the area, so we did some education --  this time."

Mutual-aid assistance was provided by the Cloverdale Fire Department and Deschutes County sheriff's deputies.

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