Redmond man 'pays it forward' with firewood

Business owner makes scam situation right

Man donates firewood after scam

REDMOND, Ore. - On Tuesday, NewsChannel 21 told you about a possible firewood scam. An Eagle Crest resident, Wanda Hill, told us she bought firewood online and was shorted a full cord.

She eventually found a Craigslist post, warning that two other people had been shorted wood.

But Robert Harris of Redmond, the owner of R&M Firewood, saw the story and contacted NewsChannel 21. He said he wanted to fulfill the three short orders.

We spoke to him Wednesday, and he said it's all about paying it forward.

"It makes me feel that they got ripped, and we have a little excess firewood than we usually do at this time," Harris said. "So we would like to donate what they got shorted to them, it was two-thirds of a cord on a couple people and a cord on another. Just pay it forward."

Harris said he wants people to keep buying wood stoves, and in order for that to happen, they've got to be able to trust the firewood seller.

He also said it's important for buyers to make sure they stack the wood to make sure it's all there, before paying. 

Harris said has already spoken with Hill and plans on delivering the firewood on Friday. 

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