Redmond lowers speed limit on N. Business 97

REDMOND, Ore. - The city of Redmond said Wednesday it has officially reduced the speed limit along N. Business 97 (6th Street) from NW Jackpine Avenue (North Y) to NW Quince Avenue from 45 to 40 mph. 

The city said the decision to reduce the allowed speed limit was in response to a recent speed study recommendation conducted by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The findings indicated reducing the speed to 40 mph was warranted due to number of driveways and turning movements recorded on the corridor.  City crews have completed the installation of the new 40 mph signs and encourage drivers to take notice.

“We know that lower speed limits are an important tool in reducing fatal and serious crashes and creating safer streets for people of all ages and abilities who are walking, driving, and bicycling,” stated City Engineer Mike Caccavano.

“Following the ODOT speed study recommendation, City Engineering worked together with Transportation and the Redmond Police Department to get the speed reduced to a more appropriate 40 mph.”

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