Redmond gun show reports record attendance

Promoter says threat of gun limits, shotages drew crowd

Redmond gun show brings record crowd

REDMOND, Ore. - The organizer of a gun show in Redmond says this weekend's event set an all-time record for attendance, likely in the thousands, and said it's likely due to the talk of gun control and resulting shortage of some weapons.

"It's the threat of no guns," Oregon Trail Gun Show promoter and organizer Ken Daugherty said Sunday. "Plus there is no guns right now, the supply is going down."

About 75 vendors filled the High Desert Room at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. 

Many large vendors were absent this time, though, because Daugherty says they're running out of inventory.

The stock at one of the largest gun dealers in Oregon is down 3,000 guns, putting the dealer on a two-year waiting list to get more. 

Daughertry says in Oregon, there is no gun show registration loophole, something that's been discussed in the media. 

Oregon gun show vendors have to do extensive background checks, regardless of whether the person is federally licensed or just a private individual. 

"So if you think you can come to a gun show here in Oregon, you can't buy a gun without doing a background check," Daugherty said. "So if you're a felon or a you're prohibited from buying a gun, don't try to come."

Daugherty says in Oregon, it's more intensive a check to buy a gun than any other state.

Individuals who want to purchase a gun not only have to go through a local background check but also a national one as well. 

Daugherty says the requirement has been that way since the late 1990s. 

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