Redmond E. coli water scare likely a fluke

Deschutes County health officials say it's safe to drink

REDMOND, Ore. - Deschutes County officials said Monday a recent E. Coli scare in a Redmond mobile home park's water supply was likely a fluke.

Last week, management at Mountain View Mobile Home Park sent out letters to residents, warning them a routine water test turned up positive for the bacteria.

However, managers told NewsChannel 21 on Monday that since the incident several other water tests have come back negative for E. coli.

County Registered Environmental Health Specialist Jeff Freund said it was likely rust and film in the park's old piping system that caused a false reading.

Freund said faulty tests are more common than people think -- he said the county handles several cases like this each year.

Freund said the mobile park's well-water supply will undergo more testing in the coming days.

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