Redmond dog owner spreads word on cannabis edible danger

Aussie-heeler cross posioned with pot

Dog apparently poisoned by pot edible

REDMOND, Ore. - Sharon Preston, a Redmond dog owner, is hoping her post on social media will bring awareness when it comes to people giving pets edible cannabis that can cause some serious health issues. 

Preston told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday that Smitty an Aussie-heeler cross, was acting strangely and couldn't walk on Saturday. She took him to the Redmond Veterinary Clinic and soon found out her dog was poisoned by a marijuana edible.

"I was so shocked when they said it was marijuana poisoning -- my jaw just dropped open," Preston said Wednesday. 

This was the first time she ever encountered one of her pets poisoned by marijuana. 

Preston said no one in her house uses marijuana and believes someone might have dropped an edible in her backyard. 

Preston is keeping a close eye on Smith and posted on Central Oregon's Rants and Raves Facebook page to warn other pet owners of the consequences. 

Dr. Steven Blauvelt, a veterinarian at Four Paws Wellness Center, told NewsChannel 21 his facility has seen an increase of pets under the influence of marijuana. 

Blauvelt said 99 percent of dogs will have behavior changes, trouble with walking and dilated pupils.

Preston hopes people will take this as a learning lesson, that marijuana and pets don't mix. 

If a person is caught giving marijuana to a pet, they could face animal cruelty charges 

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