Redmond community reacts to school sex scandals

Residents speak out after two incidents in a year

Redmond community speaks out about school sex abuse scandal

REDMOND, Ore. - It's the second, similar tragedy to hit the Redmond School District in less than a year.

On Tuesday, police arrested a campus monitor at Ridgeview High School, charging her with having sex with a 16-year-old Gilchrist boy and multiple counts of providing alcohol to minors.

Amanda Hinshaw, 28, now faces felony sex abuse charges.

Some Redmond residents told NewsChannel 21 on Thursday  they now face the shame and worry of having two school-based sex scandals in their community.

"This is just tragic," said Redmond parent Tim Walthinsen. "It kind of taints what good there is there, and that's really a tragedy for the community"

Redmond grandparent Cathy Williams said the news was upsetting.

"I'm very concerned, and it shouldn't happen in this neighborhood," Williams said.

Williams' grandchildren attend Redmond middle schools. And while she says she's disgusted with the sex scandal, she doesn't worry about her grandkids entering high school.

"I think this is just an isolated incident," she said.  "And I don't think it will go any farther, and I think they'll clear it up."

But plenty of parents are worried; earlier this year, the principal of Redmond Proficiency Academy was arrested for sexually abusing minors. He's due for sentencing next week.

The issues have people talking both in public and online.

Asked their views on NewsChannel 21's Facebook page, Amy Keller Scurlock wrote,  "I fear more and more every day to send my daughters to school! They are supposed to be safe there...sad."

And Kelly White wrote, "We teach our kids that school is a safe place....But they no longer are. Very sad."

Still, many say it is the responsibility of parents to know what their children are doing.

Deborah Westerhuis wrote, "Educating your children is the best tool you have to combat such horrendous acts!"

And Walthinsen agrees.

"Unfortunately, this puts parents in a spot where they seriously need to look at what's best for their kids, and maybe they need to be more involved, whether its homeschooling or looking at alternatives or being more involved in the system that's there," Walthinsen said.

But this latest blow to Redmond schools stings those who believe good things are happening every day in the classrooms.

"My dad's a teacher, and he just talks about how it looks awful," said Redmond Proficiency Academy student Luke Bisenius.  "And I don't know, morality just isn't held to a high standard around here."

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