Redmond Christmas tree sales help Beulah's Place

REDMOND, Ore. -  This year, Black Friday is not just about great deals or fueling Santa’s shopping frenzy.   Candy Cane Christmas Tree Co., a locally owned and operated fresh tree lot located in the north west corner of Redmond Walmart (behind Sonic), will donate 20% of proceeds generated in that location to Beulah’s Place. 

Beulah’s Place is a public nonprofit providing temporary shelter services and essential needs to at-risk homeless teens in Central Oregon.  Candy Cane Christmas Tree Co. is a family owned and operated enterprise based in Redmond.   The lot is open from Black Friday to just before Christmas Eve.

Beulah's Place aids teens who have suffered severe abuse, been trafficked, or become criminally preyed upon and have no safe family or extended family members to care for them.  Many of the teens helped have been discarded by parents or guardians who have chemical addictions, mental health issues, or tendencies making it unsafe for a teen on the street to live with them.   Beulah’s Place is 100% volunteer-driven, with no staff or employees ,and relies solely upon public support.

Executive Director Andi Buerger, herself a victim of severe childhood abuse, says, “I see the potential in these young adults from 18 to 23  years of age.   One of the goals is for them to see and pursue that potential once they are safely housed, regularly fed and nourished, and working in the community earning wages and giving back.”   

Several of these young adults have gone on college, and all are maintaining regular employment.  “The proceeds from this particular lot will keep our safe houses warm for the winter.  Depending upon public support, the money may even allow us to house an extra homeless teen.”

For tree lot hours of operation, or details about Beulah’s Place, call 541-526-0445 or visit

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