Redmond Airport adds special parking area

'Cell phone parking area' handy for holiday pickups

REDMOND, Ore. - Just in time for busy holiday travel, Redmond Municipal Airport announced Friday the designation of a new "cell phone parking area," a short-time spot to wait just off the airport -- for free -- for folks arriving on flights.

"his newly designated parking area is a convenient alternative for those waiting in their vehicle to pick up friends and family at the airport," the announcement said 

The 'Cell Phone Parking Area‘ is located on SE Salmon Avenue, along each roadway shoulder, directly across from the airport entrance, and is marked with directional signs along SE Airport Road.  

"The 'Cell Phone Parking Area' was established in direct response to a growing number of requests by the community and is just one of the many projects we have planned to better serve our users," said Kim Dickie, airport director.

Dickie said airports call it a "cell phone parking area" since such locations are usually just off the airport property, meaning a call is needed for someone waiting to drive up to the terminal and pick someone up. 

 If a greeter prefers, the Airport's Short Term parking lot is available for a low parking rate of $1 for the first 30 minutes or $2 for the first hour. As a reminder, the curbside at the terminal should only be used for active loading and unloading.

The airport is anticipating high traffic volumes this holiday season and would like to remind travelers to allow additional time to navigate through check-in and security. All passengers should be at their departure gate in the boarding lounge at a minimum of 30 minutes prior to departure time.  

For information about what you can bring with you through airport security, please check the TSA website at for What to Know Before You Go.  

For information about current flight arrival or departures times, please check the airline carrier website or the Airport's website at for the flight tracking site.

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