RDM travelers, residents react to relaxed TSA rules

Agency to focus on explosives, conform to international standards

TSA softens bans on some carry-on items

REDMOND, Ore. - These last few years, getting through airport security can be a challenge.

And it always seems like you have to part with something before getting on board.

But thanks to some new rules from the Transportation Security Administration, Redmond traveler Dick Wild soon won't have to spend as much money on new knives.

"I have a little knife I like to carry with me," Wild said.  "This time I remembered to leave it at home, but sometimes you forget and stick it in your pocket, and you get here (and you lose it)."

The TSA announced Tuesday it's lifting the bans on some items people can carry on the plane.

Some small knives are now allowed, along with other items that include sporting goods like ski poles and golf clubs.

Some Redmond residents didn't take the news well.

"I travel quite frequently," explained one Redmond woman.  "And I'm worried that anything can happen on an airplane, and if somebody pulled out a knife, you never know what they could do with it."

"Golf club and hockey sticks, anything like that, they're all weapons," another man agreed.

In fact, most people who spoke with NewsChannel 21 thought the new, looser rules are a mistake.

But a few said the plane restrictions are excessive and don't really make sense.

"Well, I don't really see that there's anything terribly harmful that you could do if you were a terrorist with a small knife," said Redmond resident Julie Deocampo.

Under the new rules, knife blades must be shorter than 2.36 inches and less than half an inch wide.  Knives can't have a locking or fixed blade, or a molded grip.

Bats must either be small or toys.  You won't be able to bring more than two golf clubs in your carry-on.
The TSA said in an official statement on their Website that the the relaxation of rules will allow them to better focus efforts on explosives and will better fit international standards.

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