RDM smoke plume from tumbleweed burning

Wind piles it up along miles of airport fencing

REDMOND, Oe. - A smoke plume rising from the Redmond Airport property Thursday morning had some onlookers worried, but an airport official assured it was only a periodic burning of tumbleweed that accumulates along miles of airport fence line.

The recent windstorm pushed even more of the tumbleweed up against RDM's 7 to 8 miles of security fencing, Airport Director Zachary Bass said.

So crews had pulled off and stacked the weed and burned it, as is done on occasion, Bass said. He added that periodic smoke likely would be visible until later in the day.

Deschutes County dispatchers had said they were unaware of any working fires near the airport. Bass aid they usually provide advance word to airport tenants, the fire department (which was aware) and the FAA tower. The smoke often is not noticed, but the wind direction Thursday morning made it more visible for many on their morning commute.

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