Prineville Police Dept. closing walk-in lobby for eclipse

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - The Prineville Police Department, in an effort to streamline response to non-emergency calls, will be closing their “walk-in” lobby on Friday, August 18th and Monday August 21st, in anticipation of heavy call loads during the eclipse.

Here's the rest of Tuesday's announcement:

We are encouraging everyone to call the non-emergency number if you need police response and let us come out to you. With the anticipation of heavy traffic, coming to the Police Department to speak with an officer may prove difficult. By calling the non-emergency line, we can advise you of what kind of wait time you may experience based on the current call load and type of call you are reporting.

We believe calling the non-emergency number (541-447-4168) will prove to be much less frustrating than driving to the department and waiting for a long period of time to talk with an officer who may be busy on other calls. As always, if you have a true emergency do not hesitate to call 911.


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