Prineville boy home from brain surgery

Latest update on 6-year-old Stryder Doescher

Prineville boy home from brain surgery

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - Stryder Doescher is a name you might recognize by now. We have followed the 6-year-old on his journey as he has battled seizures and other health problems all his life.

He just recently returned home from brain surgery in New York, and has been doing great ever since.

His next focus? Halloween!

Stryder has earned himself a new nickname.

"'Little Frank' -- that's what dad calls him," Angela Doescher, Stryder's mom, said Tuesday. "Because of the Frankenstein stitches and the Frankenstein maneuvering."

But when you've conquered brain surgery, not much can bring you down.

"Doesn't surprise me, because Stryder is Stryder. He's already gone against the odds on everything," Doescher said.

See Stryder now, and you'd never imagine those moments, two weeks ago during an intense, eight-hour surgery.

Almost immediately, he needed a blood transfusion.

His mother was understandably frightened.

"I know it's necessary and I know he needed it. But it's still scary," she said.

After surgery, things worsened.

"His blood work came back not so good, and he couldn't walk," Doescher said.

He tried, desperately, with the help of a nurse.

"His body wasn't working at all," Doescher said.

Then, at the last moment, a miracle happened.

"We were supposed to leave on Tuesday, and on that Monday he woke up and said, 'I can walk!' -- and he walked," Doescher said.

And ready to run, come Halloween!

No, he won't be Frankenstein. He'll be a zombie — and he's been practicing!    

Stryder said he won't forget his trip to New York.

"Had a lot of big buildings," Stryder said.

Stryder is very happy to play his video games and rest up.

The Doeschers say they can't thank the community enough.

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