Robocalls falsely claim Oregon voters 'inactive'

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon secretary of state's office reported late Friday it has learned that Oregonians statewide are receiving robocalls saying the voter registration of someone in their household may be inactive -- in most cases, falsely.

The calls are not from county elections officials or the secretary of state's Election Division.

County elections officials say in most cases, the registration of voters in the household are found to be up to date. Anyone with concerns can check or update their voter registration status online at: www.oregonvotes.gov. The deadline to register to vote is October 16.

The Oregon Attorney General's office also reports receiving complaints and is addressing the legality of whether robocalls are being made to those on the Do Not Call List.

Deschutes County's clerk's office was among those contacted by a number of residents who  reported receiving automated calls Friday, falsely claiming their voting status is "inactive" and that they may not receive a ballot for the Nov. 6 election.

The county released information provided by Deschutes County residents who received an automated call and have contacted the elections office:

        1.   The phone number reflected by Caller ID is (503) 388-3760

       2.   The name reflected on Caller ID is Oregon Small Business Association

 The message received by these residents is similar to "You or someone in your household has an inactive voting status. While you may think you are registered to vote, you may not receive a ballot."

 Deschutes County Elections has researched the voting status of those who received robotic calls Friday -- and all have been active voters, rendering the calls false.

 Voters may visit www.oregonvotes.gov under "My Vote" to check their voter registration status and make any updates they wish.

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