Oregon Republican leaders gather in Bend

Pre-election meeting focuses on candidates. measures

Oregon republican party members meet in Bend

BEND, Ore. - Oregon Republicans from all 36 counties attended a state central committee meeting in Bend on Saturday.

More than 100 GOP delegates, alternates, candidates and guests gathered at The Riverhouse Convention Center for the party's meeting.

Members heard from all of the parties statewide congressional candidates and also voted on the November ballot initiatives.

The committee members go through each of the nine measures, then debate on them and finally will come to a recommendation for Oregonians on how to vote on them in November.

"I think we are healthier than ever," said Greg Leo, chief of staff for Oregon Republicans. "We got some great candidates. We have Knute Buehler from Central Oregon, who we think will be our next secretary of state. We are going to do a beautiful job, I think, for the legislative races this year."

Some of the measures discussed included topics from marijuana, gillnet fishing and privately owned casinos.

Leo said the performance from Gov. Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate was a game-changer.

He said it will change the complexion of the race, and by the second debate, more people are going to come to the Romney/Ryan ticket.

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