Merkley, Walden react to Obama's move on Syria

Support his referral to Congress; not saying how they'll vote yet

WASHINGTON - Two Oregon lawmakers -- one Democrat, one Republican -- issued statements Sunday in support of President Obama's call for a congressional vote on whether to authorize military action in Syria in the wake of a chemical-weapons attack.

While neither brief comment indicated how they would vote, both Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and Rep. Greg Walden., R-Ore., said they support the step he's taking in seeking approval of Congress before any move is made.

"Asking for congressional authorization for the use of force respects the rule of law and is the right thing to do," Merkley said. "I look forward to reviewing the president's request and having a full debate."

Walden said, "The president needs to make his case to Congress and to the American people regarding his plan, and what we can anticipate happening after whatever proposed military action is taken."

"The Assad regime and its allies will surely have a response," the congressman said, but he added, "It's not clear what we may be getting America into."

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