Deschutes Democrats excited by Obama's performance

Nearly 70 attended debate watch party

Democrats excited with Presidents performance

BEND, Ore. - The Deschutes Democrats gathered once again Tuesday night to watch the second presidential debate. Nearly 70 people filled the Broken Top Bottle Shop on the west side of Bend to watch President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney debate the issues.

They were hoping to see their candidate, Barack Obama, come out fired up after what some called a not-so-stellar performance in the first debate.

"Once again, he tried to exercise diplomacy and common respect and operate on the same, level playing field," said Tracie, a registered Democrat.

She says the president was dealt a very heavy hand when he took office nearly four years ago. As for the debate, she says the president came prepared and was consistent in his message, but respectful at the same time.

"Tonight, he showed to me that tenacity that he has," said Tracie. "He ultimately has respect. He does not subject himself to mudslinging."

John Mundy agreed the president did a very good job. He says when the topic of creating jobs came up, Obama had the upper hand.

"If you believe in lowering unemployment and creating jobs for Americans, do you really want to vote for someone for president who has made a career out of taking those jobs away from Americans?" said Mundy.

Both agreed thepPresident built momentum and they see him carrying it through the final debate and into the election in November.

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