C. Oregonians have mixed views about vending machine snack bill

House bill would limit the kinds of snacks in public buildings

Oregon bill could boot sugary snacks from public buildings

BEND, Ore. - High-calorie snacks and sodas are long-gone out of Oregon schools' vending machines.

But Oregon lawmakers are also considering banning sugary snacks from all public buildings' vending machines.

House Bill 3403 would limit drinks in public building vending machines to water and drinks less than 40 calories, and also require lower-calorie foods.

NewsChannel 21 wanted to know what Central Oregonians thought of the bill and reactions were mixed.

Some said it could encourage Oregonians to make healthier food choices.

Others say the government has no right to limit what people eat.

"I think people should mostly be able to consume what they want as long as it's legal and they're not hurting anyone else," said one man from Tumalo.

"I don't know that not having them in public places like that's really going to stop people from drinking it. It might make a difference," a Bend woman said.

"I don't like the government stepping in and passing laws that intrude on personal decisions," said another Bend man.

The bill was recently heard in the House Health Care Committee.

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