Bend bicyclists voice reactions to 'bike fee' bill

Lawmaker proposes $10 fee to register bikes in Oregon

Lawmaker proposes registration fee for Ore. bikes

BEND, Ore. - If a bill proposed in Salem is signed into law, cyclists in Oregon could be facing a $10 registration fee.

The bill was proposed by Republican Sen. Larry George of Yamhill County. In the bill, the fees would go to an newly created "Bicycle Transportation Improvement Fund." The money would be used by the state for bicycle-related transportation projects.

If signed into law and a cyclist is caught with an unregistered bike, they could face a $25 fine.

Many in Central Oregon say they understand the need to fund improvement projects, but that this is not the way to do it.

"I have hesitation, because it's another way for the government to keep accountable your property," said cyclist Natalie Kuntz.

"I like the idea of the roads being nicer," cyclist James Adams said. "I assume something like that would go for (that), but I'm not certain it would trickle down to actually being effective in that way."

Cyclist Justin Serna says he owns six or seven bikes and doesn't feel it would be very feasible for him to register them all. He also wonders how the law would even be enforced in the first place.

"It would be kind of like the way they are supposed to stop people who are on cell phones in their car," Serna said. "It doesn't happen. You know, we would have this law out there that would be kind of arbitrary I guess."

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