Sisters woman recounts aggressive dog attack

Suffers broken leg, now out of hospital

Sisters woman recounts dog attack

SISTERS, Ore. - The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office is asking people in Sisters to be on the lookout for a pit bull after a 62-year old woman was aggressively attacked several days ago. On Saturday, NewsChannel 21 talked with the injured woman about what happened that day. 

"It felt like a Samurai wrestler completely knocked me down really hard, so I didn't even really know it was a dog," Jodi Schneider McNamee told us by phone. 

Schneider said she was walking her two dogs on Wednesday afternoon when she was knocked suddenly to the ground. She was on Locust Street and had just turned onto Tyee Drive where soon after, the dog came up and attacked her from behind.

Schneider landed on her right knee, causing the bone underneath her kneecap to break in two places and her ankle to slightly fracture.

Police described the dog as a brown-and-white pit bull mix that was running around loose. 

"I was confused, because I couldn't figure out what in the world had knocked me down. And when I looked up to see the dog, I thought, 'This dog isn't even that big,'" Schneider recalled. "I couldn't believe the force behind this dog that had purposefully, knowing what it was doing, and did a running start to knock into me."

A nearby neighbor immediately went to immediately help Schneider, and the dog ran off. According to sheriff's deputies, Schneider was taken by ambulance to St. Charles Bend for her injuries.

She underwent surgery, and went home from the hospital Saturday. Schneider said she will undergo physical therapy for up to a year to help with the movement in her leg. 

Police are asking for witnesses to come forward and describe what they saw. An acquaintance of Schneider's is also offering a $500 reward for anyone who helps deputies find the dog and its owner. 

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