Pioneer Hospital Foundation buys defibrillator

PRINEVILLE, Ore. - The Prineville Hospital Foundation recently purchased a new life pack defibrillator for Pioneer Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department, which replaced an obsolete model of this life-saving equipment and completed the effort to upgrade all defibrillators at the hospital.

Last year the Prineville Hospital Foundation purchased four new code carts for Pioneer Memorial Hospital. These new code carts allowed caregivers to standardize equipment and supply placement, increasing efficiency and safety during the very critical and stressful times when these carts are used.

With the purchase of the latest defibrillator, each code cart is now completely standardized.

"Standardization of this equipment increases patient safety during critical lifesaving interventions. The caregivers don't have to do things differently now depending on which code cart is used. This was the final step in the facility wide effort of code cart standardization," said Jo McCabe, Pioneer Memorial Hospital, Outpatient

Additionally, the new defibrillator is equipped with paddles, which is essential when the hands-free stickers are not able to stay in place on a patient and a shock is needed to get the heart back into a life-sustaining rhythm.

"Thankfully we have not had to use the new defibrillator yet, but just knowing our caregivers have another option if the pads are not sticking makes them more comfortable." McCabe said.

The Prineville Hospital Foundation has been in operation since 1981 achieving its mission to support Pioneer Memorial Hospital by providing a continuous source of funds for the purchase of new equipment and other capital needs. The defibrillator is an example of the kinds of equipment the Foundation is able to purchase thanks to the support of our local community.

Daleena Green, Prineville Hospital Foundation Executive Director said "We are excited to be able to purchase the new defibrillator for our community hospital, but our jobs are not done for the year as we are striving to purchase 12 new in-patient beds, too."

To learn more about how you can support the Prineville Hospital Foundation in efforts to purchase new equipment for Pioneer Memorial Hospital please contact Daleena Green, Executive Director at 541-447-2523 or visit

The Prineville Hospital Foundation board of directors are: Bobbi Brooks, President; Bill Gowen, Vice President; Laura Craska Cooper, Secretary-Treasurer; Jason Carr, Mark Copeland, Chris DuPont, Dr. Ron Sproat, Mary Thurman, Dr. Bruce Williams, and Darrel Wissema.

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