Pair of Warm Cocktails With Oregon Touch

By Columbine Quillen, Mixologist at 10 Below

Spiked Chai Tea

1.5 ounces of Voyant Chai Tea liqueur

1.5 ounces of Rumchata

(both are available at East Bend Liquors)

4 ounces of warm milk.

Warm your milk. If you have an espresso machine, by all means steam it. If you do not, warm the milk on the stove top. Make sure to keep the heat low, as milk easily burns and skims over. Once the milk is to the temperature you like, add the spirits and allow them to warm up with the milk for a couple of minutes. In drinks using coffee and water, you can add the liquid hot enough to warm the cold spirits - but that is not the case with milk. If you are using an espresso machine, by all means give it another little warm up.

Sprinkle the top with your favorite holiday spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, etc.


Hazelnut-Encrusted Best of the Northwest

2 ounces of caramel

2 ounces of crushed hazelnuts

2 ounces of Cofia (made right here in Bend)

4 ounces of coffee

Put caramel on a flat plate. Place a glass so that the caramel is ?rimming? the top of the glass. Immediately dunk the glass in crushed hazelnuts. Now add 2 ounces of Cofia (which is a hazelnut and coffee infused vodka made by the same people who make Crater Lake Vodka), and four ounces of your favorite coffee. Please top with whipped cream if you so desire.

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