VW Beetle-sized boulder tumbles onto I-84

Fortunately, it hit no one - and no one hit it

HOOD RIVER, Ore. - A large rock, described as being the size of a VW Beetle, fell onto Interstate 84 about a mile west of Hood River Sunday afternoon, blocking one lane but fortunately causing no crashes or injuries, Oregon State Police said Tuesday.

While no vehicles were involved, troopers said it took ODOT crews using heavy equipment about two hours to remove the obstruction.

Around 12:35 p.m., a trooper responded to a reported road hazard eastbound on Interstate 84 near milepost 61.

Upon arrival, the trooper reported the hazard was a large boulder the size of a car that rolled off the bordering embankment, over a concrete barrier and landed in the right eastbound lane.

ODOT personnel and equipment responded to the scene to remove the boulder.

During wet periods and high winds, OSP and ODOT remind motorists to be alert for the potential of falling rocks, slides and other roadway obstructions. Most are not the size of this boulder, but they may be unexpected and cause problems for drivers traveling in the Columbia River Gorge and on other highways.

If you see a hazardous roadway condition or obstruction, you're urged to contact Oregon State Police dispatch or 9-1-1.

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