Ore. bill would make cigarettes prescription drug

SALEM, Ore. - A Democrat state lawmaker from Portland has introduced legislation that is turning heads -- a proposal to list cigarettes as a drug available only by prescription.

KPTV reports that Rep. Mitch Greenlick, a Democrat from Portland, is sponsoring a bill that makes cigarettes a Schedule III controlled substance, meaning it would be illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor's prescription.

Under the proposal, offenders would face maximum punishments of one year in prison, a $6,250 fine or both.

Other drugs and substances that are considered Schedule III controlled substances include ketamine, lysergic acid and anabolic steroids.

"The State Board of Pharmacy may adopt rules placing requirements and limitations on the sale or transfer of products containing nicotine," the bill's text says.

Salem resident Juan Silva said, "I think it's pretty crazy," and that he doesn't see it passing. Others see the proposal differently.

"I hope it passes and I hope people actually think about it," said Rick Cannon of Salem. "You know, there's less and less smokers every day, because they know how bad it is for them, so I just hope people wake up and realize how bad it actually is for them."

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