Grant County sheriff says he was not told of FBI's plans

Glenn Palmer tells militia sites: 'I had no knowledge of anything'

Grant Co. sheriff defends record

JOHN DAY, Ore. - Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer is defending himself on social media as allegations of him turning in the Bundy militia to the FBI continue to grow.

Sheriff Palmer agreed to hold a public meeting in John Day. Two vehicles of refuge occupiers were stopped by FBI agents and Oregon State Police in the late afternoon, and one, driven by Robert Lavoy Finicum, took off and crashed into a snow bank.

The FBI said he jumped out and was reaching toward his coat pocket, holding a 9mm handgun, when he was shot and killed.

Earlier, Finicum said members of the Grant County community were interested in Bundy's message.

A conversation between Palmer and a resident has been shared several times on Facebook. 

In the exchange, someone asked Palmer if he had been told earlier about the traffic stop. 

Palmer responded he had no knowledge of anything about the plans or who was coming to the public meeting.

He went on to say that the "FBI and Oregon State Police know me, they shared nothing with me and they know I wouldn't have allowed it."

He said the federal government went in so they could stop the Bundy militia from getting any traction and momentum from surrounding counties.

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