The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Lions Clubs of Oregon, is partnering with Lions Clubs and schools to help children in need of vision and hearing screenings statewide.

The Mobile Health Screening Program (MHSP) is part of the nonprofit's 2020 Vision campaign that aims to have all Oregon school-aged children in kindergarten, first, third, and fifth graders screened annually for vision and hearing problems, a campaign that depends heavily on Lions and community volunteers.

This year, approximately 65,000 school children will be screened statewide, of which approximately 17 percent will be referred for comprehensive vision and/or hearing exams. Some of these students may be able to take advantage of OLSHF's eye glass assistant program.

For vision screenings, OLSHF uses state-of-the-art photo screeners that capture detailed information from a single snapshot of a child's eye.  This results in less error, especially among non-native English speaking, pre-verbal, shy and hyper-active children.  OLSHF will save the long-term vision of five percent of screened children who unknowingly suffer from amblyopia, a degenerative eye condition that must be detected early.

OLSHF is helping schools all across Oregon provide higher quality and more cost-effective screenings for students.

"The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation is one of the premier school-based health screening organizations in the United States," said Matt Livingston, School Health, Inc.

Oregon averages 2,026 students per school nurse making it almost impossible to screen every student.  Tigard/Tualatin District Nurse Nancy Haning stated, "I was so impressed with the quality of testing that was done for our students. The Lion's staff was knowledgeable, efficient, organized and great to work with. They went out of their way to train and support our district staff, and delivered a superior screening for our students."

MHSP also provides free health screenings for sight, hearing, glaucoma, blood pressure and diabetes (with 3 hour fast) for adults. In the last two decades, more than 430,000 people in Oregon and Northern California have been screened, and because of it, 159,000 health problems have been successfully detected.

MHSP is the only free health screening program of its kind in Oregon and will serve approximately 70,000 Oregonians this year-95% of them children.  For students in particular, early detection is vital. There is a strong correlation between a student's success in school and their ability to see and hear. The MHSP provides critical early detection of sight and hearing difficulties that may be impacting a student's ability to learn.

To see updates to scheduled screenings below, visit the Health Screenings section of the Programs page at www.olshf.org. For more information, to volunteer or to schedule a screening, please call Mara Steen, MHSP Manager at (503) 413-7527.

Note: Under Type, "S" is for School, "C" is for Community event.

Date and Time     Type     School or Location             Address

Nov. 16  9-2 pm  C      Hallman Elementary School       4000 Dearhaven Dr. NE, Salem

Nov. 16 10-3 pm  C      First United Methodist Church   1165 NW Monroe Ave.,Corvallis

Nov. 18 @ 8am      S     West Tualatin View Elementary      8800 SW Leahy Rd., Portland

Nov. 18 @ 8am      S     Col.  Wright  School             610 West 14th St., The Dalles

Nov. 18 @ 8am      S     La  Pine  Middle  School     16360 1st St., La Pine

Nov. 19 @ 8am      S     Brookings  High  School             625 Pioneer Rd., Brookings

Nov. 19 @ 8:30am S     St  Mary's  Academy             1112 Cherry Heights Rd., The Dalles

Nov. 19 @ 9am      S     La  Pine  Elementary              51615 Coach St., La Pine

Nov. 20 @ 8am      S     Rosland  Elementary               52350 Yeager Way, La Pine

Nov. 20 @ 8:30am S     Montclair  Elementary              SW Vermont St, Garden Home-Whitford

Nov. 20 @ 8:30am S     Chenowith  Elementary              922 Chenowith Loop Road, The Dalles

Nov. 21 @ 8am      S     Three Rivers Elementary      56900 Enterprise Dr., Sunriver

Nov. 21 @ 8:30am S     Dry Hollow Elementary              1314 East 19th St., The Dalles