Oregon Board of Ed. affirms 'safe, welcoming' schools

Regardless of immigration, documentation status

SALEM, Ore. - The State Board of Education on Thursday approved a resolution reaffirming its stance that Oregon schools should be safe and welcoming for all students, regardless of national origin, immigration status or documentation status.

The resolution follows a letter signed by Board Chair Charles R. Martinez, Jr.  in November upholding efforts by Oregon educators to support students and ensure their safety and sense of belonging.

“Our board members are committed to equity and access to education as a core value,” Martinez said. “We are sending a strong message that Oregon schools are to be safe, inclusive environments for students, families, employees and the whole community.”

The resolution includes urgent requests that school boards consider adopting similar resolutions, that districts make sure their policies are in line with the resolution, that staff receive proper training on those policies and that they communicate those policies to their communities.

“I thank the Board for taking this strong action supporting Oregon values,” Deputy Superintendent Salam Noor said. “The Oregon Department of Education is ready and willing to assist any district in its efforts to make its schools more safe, inclusive, welcoming and respectful.”

The resolution is available on the ODE website in both English and Spanish versions, with other languages to be added soon.

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