Onion storage sheds collapse; losses may hit $100 million

'Catastrophe' pushes onion prices higher

NYSSA, Ore. (AP) - Heavy snow has caused dozens of onion storage sheds in eastern Oregon and Idaho to collapse, resulting in as much as $100 million in damages.

The Capital Press reports ( ) that about 50 onion buildings collapsed under the weight of up to 40 inches of snow. The general manager of Owyhee Produce in Nyssa says three of the company's storage sheds and a building housing one of its packing lines have collapsed.

Owyhee manager Shay Myers called the situation "an absolute catastrophe" and estimated the total damage to the onion industry in southwestern Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon, could be near $100 million.

The production loss has dramatically increased the price of onions. A 50-pound bag of yellow jumbo onions was about $3.50 before the collapses and is now nearly $10.

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