OLCC fines Walgreens $80,000 for Bottle Bill violations

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Oregon Liquor Control Commission last Friday ratified a stipulated settlement with Walgreen Co. out of Deerfield, Illinois for having 25 stores out of compliance with Oregon’s Bottle Bill requirements. Walgreen Co. has agreed to pay a fine of $80,000.

Oregon law requires stores that are 5,000 or more square feet and in a convenience zone of a redemption center to participate in that redemption center or provide equivalent services, including accepting up to 350 empty beverage containers per person per day and providing reverse vending machines and a drop off service for customers. 

The 25 Walgreens locations failed to participate in a redemption center and did not offer equivalent services for a period of 16 days each, officials said.

“Our action today is consistent with the law,” said Acting OLCC Chair Marvin Révoal.  “We want to treat businesses fairly, and that includes holding them accountable when they’re not complying with regulations. We appreciate Walgreens’ full participation in entering the Redemption Center system.”

The OLCC said it has been working on this case for a long time in an effort to bring Walgreens into compliance.

“We’re glad to reach a resolution with Walgreens that meets the customer convenience needs of Oregonians,” said Steve Marks, OLCC executive director. “For business reasons, they could not comply with required timelines.”

The fines assessed by OLCC are mandatory and the commission had no ability to adjust them.  This is the first fine issued for a Bottle Bill violation by the Commission. Most Bottle Bill infractions have been able to be resolved through education.

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