Offensive graffiti found along CRR trail

Residents plan cleanup

CRR trail spray painted with swastikas

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, Ore. - (Update: With video, more comments)

Hateful graffiti, including nearly 20 swastikas, has turned up in recent days along a popular trail at Crooked River Ranch, prompting concern and clean-up efforts.

The BLM Land along Quail Road, on the Deschutes County side of the rural subdivision, is used by hikers, horseback riders and ATV enthusiasts.

Mona Steinberg discovered the markings while horseback riding.

“I rode through here with a friend last Sunday and was appalled to see about 18 swastikas,” she said Thursday.

Steinberg frequents the trail and says the graffiti has been there about a week. She, along with a few hundred other people, are part of a group called Friends and Neighbors of the Deschutes Canyon Area, or FANs, which works to keep public lands clean. 

“To come and see spray paint, which you cannot remove off the rocks -- it’s heartbreaking to us,” FANs member Cindy Murray said. The women are hoping the word of the offensive marks will spread, to end this behavior.

“I’m hoping the public might recognize the symbols that are spray-painted on some of these, and maybe come forward with some information,” Murray said. “We have no idea, you know, who are the type of people who do this?

FANS plans to work with the BLM to clean up the area. More information can be found at their Website and Facebook group.

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