New phase of Bend's big sewer project set to get underway

Work scheduled to begin in mid-March

New phase of Bend sewer improvement set to be underway

BEND, Ore. - The city of Bend is continuing a major update of its sewer system, with the next phase of the project scheduled to begin later this month.

The North Area Sewer Improvement Project will affect about a 1-mile stretch from Butler Market Road onto O.B. Riley Road, with a little bit of Third Street in the mix.

The goal is to redirect the discharge from an area near Sawyer Park to a line that has more existing capacity, which is on Butler Market.

The reason for the project, as you might expect, is the rapid expansion of homes and businesses on the north end.

"The North Area Sewer Project addresses some capacity-challenged collection systems areas in the north part of the city," city principal engineer George Franklet explained Wednesday.

But just thinking of the roads it affects, one potential issue might pop up in your head.

"I'd say the main challenge with this project is the alignment is within some very busy city streets, as well as within ODOT highways," Franklet said.

The plan is to close only one lane at a time, to reduce the impact it will have on commutes.

The other area they're working on is between Nels Anderson Road and Highway 97. They'll replace an 8-inch sewer line with a 15-inch pipe. The idea is to allow for more sewer capacity, to keep up with more homes and businesses being added to the north end of town.

The city of Bend said it reached out to business owners in the affected area, and that they're all on board with the project, despite the potential difficulty of traffic and access.

The work is expected to go from mid-March to the end of this year.

You can read more on the project here:

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