A working smoke detector, nearby fire extinguisher and quick-acting homeowner headed off “potential disaster” in a fire at a northeast Bend home early Wednesday morning, an official said.

Firefighters responded just before 4 a.m. to the blaze at the home of Jake Woerner at 454 NE Franklin Avenue, said Bend Fire Capt. Todd Riley.

They arrived to find a small fire in the living room had been put out by the homeowner, he said.

The fire’s cause was found to be a short in a very old lamp cord, which ignited a tablecloth and the items on the table.

Firefighters checked to be sure there fire had not extended elsewhere n the home and ventilated the smoke, Riley said.

Losses were estimated at $5,000.

“The combination of a working smoke detector, an accessible fire extinguisher and a quick-acting occupant prevented potential disaster,” Riley wrote.

He emphasized the importance of having working smoke detectors in your home, along with an extinguisher available that you know how to use.