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Could NATO be the next alliance to unravel?

Last month it was Brexit, but could NATO be facing Amerixit or even Turkxit?


Turkey to disband elite presidential guard unit

Turkey is disbanding its elite presidential guard unit following an attempted coup that left hundreds dead this month, the prime minister said.

Santa Clarita wildfire

CNN/Sherri Mossburg

Hundreds flee Santa Clarita wildfire

A wildfire blazing 35 miles north of Los Angeles has grown to 20,000 acres, prompting hundreds of mandatory and voluntary evacuations.

The so-called Sand Fire near Santa Clarita started as a brush fire Friday afternoon and was 10% contained Saturday....

China Flag

Floods, landslides affect 8.9 million in China

Heavy rains triggered flooding and landslides in China this week, leaving at least 135 people dead, local authorities and state media reported.

More than 100 people are missing following the storms in Hebei, Henan and Shanxi provinces, official news ...

Getty Images

Thomas Sutherland, former Beirut hostage, dies

Thomas Sutherland, who was held hostage in Lebanon for more than six years, died Saturday in Fort Collins, Colorado, according to Colorado State University, where he'd been a professor. He was 85.

Trump RNC acceptance speech

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Benghazi victim's mother to Trump: Stop the mentions

The mother of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who died during the 2012 Benghazi attacks, penned a short letter to the editor of The New York Times asking that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the GOP stop invoking her son's death.

Solar Impulse i

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse 2 sets off on final leg

Solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 took off from Cairo early Sunday on the final leg of its global tour -- the first time in history an aircraft of its kind has achieved a round-the-world flight using no fuel.

Kabul Afghanistan map

Google Maps

ISIS claims Afghanistan explosion that kills dozens

ISIS is claiming responsibility for a joint suicide bombing Saturday that killed dozens of people during a peaceful demonstration by a minority group in Kabul, Afghanistan.

"I saw tens of people laying down in blood around me and hundreds of people r...

SWAT team at Munich shooting

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Munich attacker 'researched rampage killings'

The teenager who shot dead nine people in Munich on Friday was a mentally troubled man who had extensively researched rampage killings and had no apparent links to ISIS, German police said.

Authorities said the 18-year-old lone attacker -- who died of...

2016 DNC

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Emails released by Wikileaks raise questions of DNC's impartiality

The head of the Democratic National Committee will not speak at the party's convention next week, a decision reached by party officials Saturday after emails surfaced that raised questions about the committee's impartiality during the Democratic prim...

Pictures In The News

Election 2016: Former VP contenders

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Nigel Parry/CNN

Leading up to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton announcing their vice president picks, there was a lot of speculation about who was in consideration. Take a look at who had been in the running for the No. 2 spot.

2016 San Diego Comic-Con in photos

Joker cosplayer, 2016 San Diego Comic Con

Matt Cowan/Getty Images

With both fans and stars flocking to San Diego Comic-Con through this weekend, take a look at some of the action.

Tips to stay safe, cool in heat

Kids at fire hydrant, heat wave

Sarah Hoye/CNN

With high temperatures searing a large portion of the United States this week, click on for tips for staying cool -- and safe -- when the mercury rises.

Feuds between politicians, musicians

George Harrison (file)

Getty Images

The estate of George Harrison expressed its displeasure that a political candidate used his music without permission. Click through for more on that and other kerfuffles between politicians and musicians.


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