Mt. Bachelor reminds riders: Don't smoke marijuana here

New signs tell visitors pot is not welcome

Mt. Bachelor posts anti-pot smoking...

MT. BACHELOR, Ore. - If you hit the slopes at Mt. Bachelor, you might notice some changes. The ski lifts have new signs asking riders not to smoke marijuana.

"We've been hearing from some of our customers that they want us to be a little more educational with some of our other guests about what the marijuana laws are in Oregon,” Drew Jackson, director of sales and marketing at Mt. Bachelor, said Monday.

He said a handful of guests had been violating the laws.

"I thought it was legal, so I guess that kind of caught me off-guard,” said skier Steve Lombardi.

Pot is legal for people over 21 in Oregon, but cannot -- at least for now -- be smoked in public. And because of Mt. Bachelor’s location, the law goes even further. All facilities on the mountain, including the parking lot, are located on the Deschutes National Forest, so stricter federal regulations come into play..

"We are on federal land. It is illegal to possess marijuana on federal land," Jackson said. "So we would ask that everyone just leave it in their house.” 

Lombardi added, "It's like people drinking out in public. It's, like, belligerent. Just do it on your own time, I guess.".

The property is monitored by Forest Service law enforcement officers, who Jackson said will take action if guests don’t comply.

These links have more information about the laws involving marijuana in Oregon and Mt. Bachelor policies:

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