Mt. Bachelor Downhill Bike Park Opens

So you've been mountain biking the extensive trail system in Bend for a while but there's something missing. The downhill runs of Funner and Tiddlywinks just aren't what you think they should be. If this describes you a new challenge just opened up.

The Mount Bachelor Downhill Park opened September 14th for those ready for its vertical extremes. Downhill Parks are not new but this is a first for Central Oregon. Opening with three runs for 2013 the system will be expanded for 2014 and beyond. Drive to Mount Bachelor, buy a lift ticket for you and your bike, and away you go. Nothing could be simpler. Any mountain bike can be used on the downhill runs, but the modern day, long travel, full suspension bikes are the best.

These bikes will give you a softer ride over the bumps and have powerful disc brakes to do the stopping when good sense overcomes speed. A variety of these types of bikes are available for day rentals from local bike shops. The mountain will be staffed with experienced people willing to help you with your new downhill adventure. Get ready for more fun in Central Oregon! 

For more information call Hutch's Bicycles at 541-382-9253 or email at .

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