Mouse population on the rise in C.O.

Pest-control companies report rise in calls

Mouse infestation

BEND, Ore. - Central Oregon appears to have seen an increase in the mouse population this year.

Several Bend-based pest control companies say they have received a lot more calls from clients to remove mice from their homes then they did last year.

Experts are not exactly sure what has lead to this increase in population, but do have a few ideas as to what some of the contributing factors might be.

Bob Wade, a sales inspector for Pointe Pest Control, said Tuesday there are many things that could have led to the population spike.

“It could be related to the winter. We certainly had a harsher winter then we have had in recent years,"  Wade said. "It’s definitely been an influx in the crawl spaces, getting in the house and around the house.”

Mice can be dirty and bring in unwanted health hazards into a home.

“It very well could have health issues related to their feces, their urine," Wade said. "They leave a lot of pheromones around the place, and that is not too nice to have inside your house.”

There is a lot that can be done to help keep mice away from homes, from keeping yard debris away from the house to making sure that pet food is in a secure container out of reach from mice.

According to Wade, a mouse can fit through a space as small as the eraser on a pencil.

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