Mountain Biking

Central Oregon offers much to the outdoor enthusiast, but nothing matches the opportunities available for mountain biking. With arguably the best system in America the trails around Bend and Sisters provide well marked challenges to the skilled, as well as hours of easy pleasure for the soon to be skilled. Trails of all levels are well marked with junction posts, and mileages in most cases. The Central Oregon Trail Alliance has maps available in all local bike shops that will get you started and keep you from getting lost. There are trails that follow the Deschutes River and others that will bring you to some of the best vistas in Central Oregon. For those that want to try out the new, lightweight, and sophisticated full suspension mountain bikes, rentals are widely at local bicycle retailers. I guarantee that you're going to find people out riding that will be having just as much fun as you will be. For questions contact Hutch's Bicycles at 541-382-9253 or

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