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Bend PD to ticket COCC parking scofflaws

Bicyclist on the citations: 'I say do it'

Tickets for drivers abusing bike lanes at COCC

BEND, Ore. - Parking in the bike lanes on College Way near Bend's Central Oregon Community College campus will bring a ticket and a sizable fine, police said Monday.

"Do it," said bicyclist Garrett McNaught. "I say do it."

He may seem a little unsympathetic, but McNaught has good reason.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking when you suddenly see a door opening and someone getting out -- it's a scary moment," said McNaught.

Here's Bend Police Department's full announcement:

In recent years, the Bend Police Department has received numerous complaints regarding vehicles illegally parked in the bike lanes near COCC.

The illegally parked vehicles historically correlates with the beginning of new terms at COCC.  The illegally parked vehicles force bicycles out of the bike lane and into the travel lane of College Way. 

Bicyclists have the legal right to enter the lane of travel when the bike lane is obstructed.  Bicycles traveling in the travel lane at slow speeds increase the risk to cyclist and motor vehicles that may cross into oncoming traffic as they give the cyclist enough room to safely pass. 

Due to the increased safety risks to road users the Bend Police Department will start to issue citations and/or tow vehicles that are violating the law (ORS 811.550/811.555) and causing a hazard.

 Parking in a bike lane is a class D violation and can result in a fine of $110.

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