Mockingbird Gallery - A Showcase of New Works

On August 2nd from 5 - 9 pm, Mockingbird Gallery will be hosting an Exhibition of New Works for Delbert Gish, one of the best artists in the Northwest. Please come down and enjoy a glass of wine and some music while perusing a show of beautiful new paintings. Delbert's one man show will run throughout the end of August. 

Delbert Gish considers himself as a realist painter and is very well known for his still life, portrait and landscape paintings. He says " I paint for the spiritual rewards that I receive. I am a realist, in all of my works I make an effort to record observable truths. Color, form and light effect are all so important to the process. These objective qualities are balanced by attitudes and thoughts that are unique to each artist."  

Gish's charcoal portraits such as "Mr. Sukarenko" and "The Sikh" echo the great masters from Leonardo to Rembrandt. Every detail is skillfully rendered in his oil portraits, including the varying burnished skin tones of ruddy complexions. His piece, titles "The Field Workers" is reminiscent of the Barbizon School of 19th century painters like Millet and Corot, who were part of the movement towards realism in art. 

Delbert spent two years as a student of Russian painter, Sergei Bongart in Los Angeles. He also studied with many other artists, including the renowned painter David Leffel. From 1967 - 1971 Gish worked as an instructor at the Northwest Nazarene College. Gish acquired his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Idaho. He has received numerous awards and honors throughout the course of his long and prosperous career. He is represented in numerous galleries, museums and in both private and public collections. He resides with his wife Majorie in Medical Lake, Washington. he continues to paint the landscapes of the area, still life's from his garden and figurative works of people who come into his life.

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