Milli Fire evacuees camping out at Sisters Middle School

Others stay in gym, waiting to go back home

People camp out at Sisters Middle School

SISTERS, Ore. - It is camping season, but this is decidedly different: Some Sisters-area residents have been camping out at Sisters Middle School for about five days, since being evacuated from their homes last Friday.

The American Red Cross has set up a shelter for those who were forced to leave their homes Friday, providing a place to eat and sleep.

Red Cross volunteer Joanne Stone said Tuesday the people staying in the shelter are concerned about the condition of the fire.

“The Forest Service sends a gentleman out every day at approximately noon, and he updates those people at the shelter and leaves information,” Stone said.

About two-dozen people are staying the night in the Sisters Middle School gym, and about 10-to 20 others are  camping in their tents, motor homes and cars near the school's football field.

Rebecca Ansell and her family have been camping at thee School since Friday, along with their two dogs and a friend who needed a place to stay.

They are trying to stay positive through this situation, hoping they will be able to return home soon.

They said the smoky conditions are troublesome, but they are trying to stay inside as much as possible to avoid breathing it in.

“The smoke is annoying, because it drops in pretty heavy overnight, so it usually hangs until around 10 or 11 (a.m.) and then it usually lifts,” Ansell said. “So we try to stay indoors with air conditioner on, or at least indoors so that we don’t end up coughing and red eyes and all of that stuff.”

This is not the first time the Ansell family has been evacuated from their home in the Crossroads subdivision.

Back in 2006, the Ansells had to leave due to the Black Crater fire, the same area where the Milli Fire has been burning.

They are trying to keep it all in perspective and are hoping that they will be able to return home soon.

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