The duo of Michael Johnson (Mission Viejo, Calif./MRI Endurance Elite Masters) and Roger Worthington (Capistrano Beach./LABOR-DPCCF) were the lone tandem to complete its 40-kilometer race in under 50 minutes. That pair won the men's tandem 90-and-over national title after recording a time of 49:15.0. Sean Phillips (Bellevue, Wash./Team Steam) teamed up with Jeffrey Reed (Lake Stevens, Wash./SCCA-Starbucks Cycling) to win the silver medal after stopping the clock at 53:00.8. The duo of Benny Parks (Rancho Mirage, Calif./Jessup Auto Plaza p/b P.S. Cycl) and Todd Parks (Palm Springs, Calif./B&L Bikes) completed the course in 53:01.8, exactly one second slower than the silver medalists.

Catherine Dickson (Glendale, Ariz./Team Winded) and Louisa Larson (Glendale, Ariz./Team Winded) won the elite women's tandem national championship after finishing their 40-kilometer race in 58:48.2. Melissa Boyd (Corvallis, Ore.) and Jill Josselyn (Portland, Ore./Multnomah Athletic Club) finished their 40-kilometer time trial in 1:07:48 to win the women's tandem 110-and-over national championship. Lorraine Jarvis (San Anselmo, Calif./Mellow Motors) and Julia Violich (San Anselmo, Calif./Exergy TWENTY16) completed their 40-kilometer time trial in under an hour and won the women's tandem 70-and-over national championship.

Sherry Berde Townsend (Mendota Heights, Minn./Gopher Wheelmen) and Cynthia Brown (Loveland, Colo./Team Rio Grande) were six minutes faster than silver medalists Sharon Gregg (Seattle, Wash./Avanti Racing Club) and Kathryn Woodford (El Cerrito, Calif.) to win the women's tandem 90-and-over national championship.

Dotsie Bausch (Irvine, Calif./Surf City Cyclery), who contributed to the United States winning the silver medal in the women's team pursuit at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, teamed up with P. Fritz Tomasello (Dana Point, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) to win the mixed elite tandem national title. Bausch and Tomasello recorded a time of 54:40.6 while the duo of Dan Brehmer (Menlo Park, Calif.) and Winnie Brehmer (Menlo Park, Calif./Velo Girls) earned the silver medal after stopping the clock at 1:08:02.

John Cacabelos (Sumner, Wash.) and Margareta Germeaux (Bellevue, Wash.) completed the 40-kilometer course nearly three minutes faster than any other duo in the mixed tandem 110-and-over field to win the national title. The duo of Terry Malouf (Boulder, Colo.) and David Walker (Lafayette, Colo.) registered a time of 57:23.8 to win the silver medal while Sue Buck (Irvine, Calif./Team Velosport Club) and Bruce Hartley (Norco, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) collected the bronze medal.

Dean Jasper (Bellevue, Wash./Kryki Sports) and Laura Miller (Seattle, Wash./Herriott Sports Performance) completed the 40-kilometer time trial in 54:50.8, which was nearly 30 seconds faster than the silver medalists Angela Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./Velo Club LaGrange) and James Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./Sun Coast Velo). The third-place team in the mixed tandem 70-and-over contest was MaryAnn Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif./B4T9-Foundation) and Dave Maminski (Campbell, Calif./Morgan Stanley Cycling Team), who finished their ride in 55:56.3.

Oregon riders Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore.) and John Slawta (Talent, Ore.) won the mixed tandem 90-and-over national title after finishing their 40-kilometer time trial in 54:11.4, nearly one minute ahead of their closest competitors, Chuck Mangus (Douglas, Wyo./Jackalope Velo) and Lisa Mangus (Douglas, Wyo./Jackalope Velo), who won the silver medal. Soni Andreini Poulsen (Arnold, Calif./Velo Bella) and Jeff Poulsen (Arnold, Calif./Team Bicycles Plus) recorded a time of 57:32.8 to ride away with the bronze medal.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, and Friday, Sept. 6, the competition will shift to the road racing event where another tried and true national championship course will be the challenge of the day. The road racing course will begin at picturesque Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, loop clockwise south past Edison Sno-Park, and continue north up the legendary Sparks Lake Grade on Century Drive. The course, made famous through the Cascade Cycling Classic Stage Race, will end at the West Village parking lot of Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, Worthy Brewing (495 NE Bellevue Drive, Bend, OR 97701) is hosting USA Cycling Appreciation Day in which all riders will get a one dollar discount on beer.

For complete details on this event, including a complete schedule, results, course maps and a photo gallery, please visit the event website. If you can’t make it out for the event, follow all of the action on Twitter using the hashtag #RoadNats.

2013 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
September 4-8, 2013
Bend, Oregon


Men's 35-39 (30 km)
1. Michael Olheiser (Huntsville, Ala./CashCall Mortgage) 38:09.0
2. Eric Boone (Arnold, Md./Lateral Stress Velo Inc.) 39:08.2
3. Philip Tinstman (San Marcos, Calif./MRI Endurance Elite Masters) 39:15.8
4. John Hart (Murfreesboro, Tenn./Friends Great Smokies) 39:28.4
5. Karl Bordine (Carlsbad, Calif./MRI Endurance Elite Masters) 39:29.8

Men's 40-44 (30 km)
1. Richard Feldman (Ketchum, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) 37:19.4
2. Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif./ThirstyBear Cycling) 37:20.3
3. David Bailey (Truckee, Calif./Truckee Bicycle Team) 37:54.3
4. Matthew Gates (Lyons, Colo./Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers) 38:48.8
5. Daniel Bryant (Carmichael, Calif./Folsom Bike-VW-Raley's) 38:53.0

Men's 45-49 (30 km)
1. Frederic Thomas (Cape Elizabeth, Maine/Portland Velo Club-Cyclemania) 38:07.7
2. Robert Garwood (Harrisonburg, Va./Final Kick Racing p/b Fortress) 38:22.2
3. Paul Thomas (Tucson, Ariz./White Mountain Road Club) 38:37.6
4. Craig Roemer (Petaluma, Calif./Team Specialized Racing) 38:57.8
5. Bill Muzzio (Sandyhook, Conn./Bethel Cycle Sport Club) 39:14.5

Men's 50-54 (30 km)
1. Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif./Team Specialized Racing) 38:00.5
2. Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) 38:45.6
3. Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Century Road Club Assoc) 38:55.4
4. Louie Amelburu (Las Vegas, Nev./Microseal Racing Team) 39:04.2
5. Todd Robertson (Boulder, Colo./FRANCO Bicycles Racing) 39:09.2

Men's 55-59 (30 km)
1. Gary Painter (Ft. Wayne, Ind./Ft. Wayne Outfitters) 39:42.2
2. David Montgomery (Olympic Valley, Calif./Team Bicycles Plus) 40:59.9
3. Gerald Finken (Fargo, N.D./St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club) 41:07.5
4. Doug Chiasson (Athol, Mass./Quabbin Cycling Club) 41:10.1
5. Kevin Eccleston (Lake Alfred, Fla./Lakeland Endurance Company LLC) 41:28.4

Men's 60-64 (30 km)
1. Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo./Natural Grocers Cycling Team) 40:36.7
2. Hank Pfeifle (Brunswick, Maine/Portland Velo Club-Cyclemania) 40:49.6
3. Thomas Officer (Litchfield, Conn./Cycle Fitness Cycling Club) 41:30.1
4. Mark Huffman (Encinitas, Calif./Sun Coast Velo) 41:31.4
5. Philip Holman (Tucson, Ariz./02 Modern Fitness) 41:35.7

Men’S 65-69 (20 km)
1. Ed Chamberlin (Grand Junction, Colo./LTR Sports) 28:24.5
2. Ken Louder (Salt Lake City, Utah/Velosport Racing) 28:26.5
3. Scott Hennessy (Salinas, Calif./VOS Racing) 28:30.1
4. Jim Fox (Aptos, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 28:49.6
5. Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 28:54.8

Men's 70-74 (20 km)
1. S. Durward Higgins (Chattanooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo) 29:19.2
2. Michael Phelps (Angels Camp, Calif./VOS Racing) 29:25.4
3. Dan Taylor (Alamo, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 29:52.9
4. Butch Richardson (San Diego Calif./San Diego Cyclo Vets) 29:56.8
5. Michael Patterson (Old Lyme, Conn.) 30:29.6

Men's 75-79 (20 km)
1. William Meyers (Oak Creek, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) 29:48.7
2. Leon Sowers (San Diego, Calif./San Diego Cyclo Vets) 33:57.0
3. Alan Stockland (Ogden, Utah) 36:17.6
4. Roger Wright (Fort Myers, Fla./Swamp Yankee Road Club) 37:18.5
5. Robert Clark (Olympia, Wash./CBC Racing) 39:31.7

Men's 80+ (20 km)
1. Walter Axthelm (Durango, Colo./NoTubes Endurance Racing) 32:19.6
2. Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas/Jubilee Subaru) 34:13.4
3. Albert Piemme (Sequim, Wash.) 35:00.5
4. Nikola Farats (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 35:18.7
5. Lewis Hollander (Redmond, Ore.) 35:57.4

Women's 35-39 (30 km)
1. Sarah Barber (Boise, Idaho/ 42:36.8
2. Stephanie Gonzalez (Wilmington, Del./Equipe Vitesse) 43:23.6
3. Karen Appleby-Krieg (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE)) 44:07.2
4. Anne Donley (Boulder Colo./Rise Above Racing) 45:17.7
5. Lucia Mokres (Redwood City, Calif./Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club) 45:22.6

Women's 40-44 (30 km)
1. Molly Van Houweling (Berkeley, Calif./Metromint Cycling) 41:53.1
2. Jenn Halladay (Kuna, Idaho/Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club) 43:16.5
3. Amy Phillips (Chattanooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo) 44:14.0
4. Felicia Gomez (Fresno, Calif./Pinnacle-CA) 44:17.1
5. Athena Countouruitis (Carlsbad, Calif./Wolf Pack Cycling) 44:52.3

Women's 45-49 (30 km)
1. Julie Cutts (Las Vegas, Nev./Velo Club LaGrange) 40:57.8
2. Jane Despas (Menlo Park, Calif./Halo-Sports Racing) 43:35.0
3. Angela Des Cognets (Golden, Colo./Team Primal Racing) 43:41.6
4. Catherine Dickson (Glendale, Ariz./Team Winded) 44:28.1
5. Laurie King (Saint Petersburg, Fla./Lakeland Endurance Company LLC) 45:13.6