The 2013 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships began Wednesday with time trials in Prineville. Under blue skies with comfortable temperatures, the out-and-back course in Prineville varied in length for different age groups.

Michael Olheiser (Huntsville, Ala./CashCall Mortgage) added another Stars-and-Stripes jersey to his closet after besting the men's 35-39 field in the time trial. Olheiser's time of 38:09.0 was nearly one minute faster than Eric Boone's (Arnold, Md./Lateral Stress Velo Inc.) time. Boone recorded a time of 39:08.2, seven seconds faster than Philip Tinstman (San Marcos, Calif./MRI Endurance Elite Masters), who earned the bronze medal.

Richard Feldman (Ketchum, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) registered the best time among the riders who contested the 30-kilometer course. Feldman posted a time of 37:19.4 to earn the national title and narrowly edge Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif./ThirstyBear Cycling), who finished in 37:20.3. David Bailey (Truckee, Calif./Truckee Bicycle Team) placed third after recording a time of 37:54.3.

“The pavement is great for the first five kilometers,” Feldman explained. “It's amazing pavement. Then it gets pretty challenging where you have to pick your lines. I think the course is good because it has flats and little climbs that get your attention and then it’s fun to rip down those fast, little descents.”

Frederic Thomas (Cape Elizabeth, Maine/Portland Velo Club-Cyclemania) won the men's 45-49 time trial national title after recording a time that was 15 seconds faster than his closest competitor. Robert Garwood (Harrisonburg, Va./Final Kick Racing p/b Fortress) earned the silver medal after he finished the 30-kilometer race in 38:22.2. Paul Thomas (Tucson, Ariz./White Mountain Road Club) collected the bronze medal after he finished in 38:37.6.

Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif./Team Specialized Racing) recorded a convincing win in the men's 50-54 time trial. Metcalfe's time of 38:00.5 was 45 seconds faster than that group's silver medalist, Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics), who stopped the clock at 38:45.6. Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Century Road Club Assoc) placed third in the group after completing the 30-kilometer ride in 38:55.4. Louie Amelburu (Las Vegas, Nev./Microseal Racing Team) won a tightly-contested battle for fourth place with Todd Robertson (Boulder, Colo./FRANCO Bicycles Racing) by five seconds.

Gary Painter topped the men's 55-59 field by nearly two minutes. Painter stopped the clock after his 30-kilometer race at 39:42.2 while his closest competitor, David Montgomery (Olympic Valley, Calif./Team Bicycles Plus), finished in 40:59.9. Gerald Finken (Fargo, N.D./St. Paul Bicycle Club) completed his ride less than eight seconds slower than Montgomery to win the bronze medal.

Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo./Natural Grocers Cycling Team) topped the men's 60-64 field with a time of 40:36.7. Hank Pfeifle (Brunswick, Maine/Portland Velo Club-Cyclemania) secured the silver medal after stopping the clock 13 seconds behind Watson's time and 41 seconds ahead of bronze medalist Thomas Officer (Litchfield, Conn./Cycle Fitness Cycling Club). Officer edged Mark Huffman (Encinitas, Calif./Sun Coast Velo), who stopped the clock at 41:31.4, only one second behind Officer's mark of 41:30.1 and four seconds ahead of Philip Holman (Tucson, Ariz./02 Modern Fitness), who placed fifth in the group.

After placing 14th in the men's 60-64 time trial last year, Ed Chamberlin (Grand Junction, Colo./LTR Sports) topped the men's 65-69 field with a time of 28:24.5. Ken Louder (Salt Lake City, Utah/Velosport Racing) finished the 20-kilometer course exactly two seconds slower than Chamberlin to secure the silver medal. Scott Hennessy (Salinas, Calif./VOS Racing) repeated as the bronze medalist in the age group.

“We got to the turn and he (Louder) hadn't passed me by then,” Chamberlin said. “I had a little bit of a gap. I was inspired by that. I turned it on and he chased. We finished two seconds apart so it was very, very close. It's a very nice course. Beautiful, nice pavement. Good organization. I just really enjoyed it.”

S. Durward Higgins (Chattnooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo) repeated as the men's 70-74 time trial national champion after completing his ride in 29:19.2. Michael Phelps (Angels Camp, Calif./VOS Racing) finished second, six seconds behind Higgins and 27 seconds ahead of the bronze medalist Dan Taylor (Alamo, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition).

After placing second in this age group's time trial national championships in 2012, William Meyers (Oak Creek, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) improved his time by over a minute to win this year. Meyers finished his 20-kilometer ride in 29:48.7 to earn the Stars-and Stripes jersey. Leon Sowers (San Diego, Calif./San Diego Cyclo Vets) finished second, completing the course four minutes behind Meyers. Alan Stockland (Ogden, Utah) placed third, only one second ahead of Roger Wright (Fort Myers, Fla./Swamp Yankee Road Club), who placed fourth. Robert Clark (Olympia, Wash./CBC Racing) rounded out the podium with a time of 39:31.7.

Walter Axthelm (Durango, Colo./NoTubes Endurance Racing) added another Stars-and-Stripes jersey to his closet after topping the men's 80-and-over field with a time of 32:19.6. The very well-decorated Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas/Jubilee Subaru) finished second with a time of 34:13.4 while Albert Piemme (Sequim, Wash.) earned the bronze medal with a time of 35:00.5.

Sarah Barber (Boise, Idaho/, who finished third in the women's 35-39 time trial at the 2012 edition of national championships, ascended to the top step on Wednesday after registering a time of 42:36.8. Stephanie Gonzalez (Wilmington, Del./Equipe Vitesse) was 47 seconds behind Barber and 44 seconds ahead of Karen Appleby-Krieg (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts), who secured the bronze medal with a time of 44:07.2.

“I had the perfect ride,” Barber said. “The big thing today was to control myself on the start because it is relatively long. My tendency is probably to go out too hard and then fade for the rest of the ride. I was really careful about that. I've gotta say that in the end, I thought it was close. I knew I was up there, like top two or three, but I didn't think I had won it. After I crossed the line, I just pedaled a little bit and then I turned back because I had to know, I wanted to find out. When I heard them say my name, I burst into tears. This is a new thing for me. I was crying, but still gasping for air because I had just finished. It was amazing.”

Molly Van Houweling (Berkeley, Calif./Metromint Cycling), who finished second in the women's 35-39 time trial in 2012, topped the women's 40-44 field with a time of 41:53.1. Jenn Halladay (Kuna, Idaho/Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club) won the silver medal after finishing her ride nearly one minute faster than bronze medalist Amy Phillips (Chattanooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo). Felicia Gomez (Fresno, Calif./Pinnacle-CA) was only three seconds behind Phillips as she placed fourth in that group.

Julie Cutts (Las Vegas, Nev./Velo Club LaGrange) was dominant in winning the women's 45-49 time trial national championship. Cutts' time of 40:57.8 was over 2:30 faster than her closest competitor, Jane Despas (Menlo Park, Calif./Halo-Sports Racing), who finished her 30-kilometer ride in 43:35.0. Angela Des Cognets (Golden, Colo./Team Primal Racing) was only six seconds behind Despas as she rode away with the bronze medal.

Local rider Lisa Magness (Bend, Ore.) used her experience on the Oregon roads to win the women's 50-54 national title. Magness finished her 30-kilometer time trial in 43:37.6, 10 seconds faster than the silver medalist, Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif./Sisterhood of Cycling). Deborah Deluca (Duluth, Minn./Velo Duluth) earned the bronze medal after she stopped the clock at 44:44.1.

“There are some advantages,” Magness said of racing in her hometown. “I know the course. I don't get out there very often because it's not really close, but I have the opportunity to get out there, look at it and practice on it. I can sleep in my own bed, so there are some advantages, definitely.”

Camille Deluca-Flaherty (Belmont, Calif./Velo Bella) and Arrietta Clauss (Madison, Wis./Trek Midwest Team) swapped finishing spots from their 2012 result. Deluca-Flaherty, who was nine seconds slower than Clauss at nationals in 2012, won this year's national title by five seconds. Deluca-Flaherty finished her 20-kilometer contest in 28:58.1 while Clauss stopped the clock at 29:03.3. MaryAnn Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif./B4T9-Foundation) placed third after registering a time of 29:30.0.

Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J./Somerset Wheelmen) edged Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif./Sisterhood of Cycling) to win a tightly-contested women's 60-64 time trial. Tyrell finished her 20-kilometer ride three seconds faster than Lindgren and five seconds ahead of Mary Ellen Allen (San Mateo, Calif./Alto Velo Racing Club), who placed third.

Patty Puz (Sun Valley, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) recorded a time of 38:32.4 to top the women's 70-and-over field. Elena Patterson (Old Lyme, Conn.) rode away with the silver medal.

The duo of Scott Raymond (Cypress, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) and Frank Schroeder (Claremont, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) won the elite men's tandem time trial after completing the 40-kilometer contest in 50:27.5. Joshua Frick (Park City, Utah/DC Velo Limited) teamed with Mark Sommers (Washington, D.C./DC Velo Limited) to earn the silver medal after finishing in 50:38.4.

The pair of John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif./Alto Velo Racing Club) and Jan Elsbach (Davis, Calif./VOS Racing) teamed up to win the men's tandem 110-and-over time trial with a time of 52:57.8. Steve Matson (Tacoma, Wash./Old Town Bicycle (OTB)) and Jeffrey Patterson (University Place, Wash./Old Town Bicycle (OTB)) joined up to post a time of 57:36.9 to secure the silver medal.

Ian Gueit (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) and Jason Johns (Laguna Hills, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) completed their 40-kilometer time trial in 53:08.0 to win the men's tandem 70-and-over. The duo of Bill Harris (Garden Grove, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) and Craig Miller (Orange, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling finished seven seconds slower than Gueit and Johns, but 10 seconds faster than bronze medalists Timothy Jones (Bend, Ore.) and Ryan Ness (Bend, Ore.).