Bend marijuana delivery service ready to roll

Cannabend gets state's green light to hit the road

Marijuana delivery service

BEND, Ore. - Marijuana has been legal in Oregon for a while -- and now it's being delivered. Cannabend is among the first in the state with a new delivery service. They have a car and the OLCC green light, and are ready to give this new service a spin. 

"The first thing they have to do is tell us they're interested in a delivery, and the second thing we ask them if they have been in the store before," Cannabend Shift Manager Fernando Teson said Monday. "If they have not, they have to use a web app to upload their ID for verification." 

The dispensary can deliver both recreational and medical marijuana to any residential address in Bend -- but not to hotels or commercial businesses. Cannabend delivery drivers will travel in an unmarked car to ensure the safety of their customers and drivers. 

"It ensures privacy of the customer so when you drive up to their house, the whole neighborhood isn't going to see a Cannabend car," Teson said.

By state law, they can only travel with $3,000 worth of product at one time and must document every delivery thoroughly. Customers can also download an app to track their orders and make requests. 

"It helps our customers with check-in, pick-up and delivery orders," said Senior Operations Manager Jesi Shafer. "When they come in, they'll log in with their phone number, and select either medical or recreational, if they have been here before."

Cannabend representatives told NewsChannel 21 they feel prepared for this new offering. But because of the high volume of product, one of the biggest challenges they could face is delivering it in a timely manner. Teson said delivering a customer's purchase within an hour is their goal.

Cannabend officials also said the delivery service fee will most likely be tiered, meaning if you spend more on the product, the delivery cost will be cheaper. The store can only deliver once a day to any one address, and it must be before 9 p.m.

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