Madras area cleans up after giant hailstones strike

Homes and businesses damaged by storm

Giant hail hits C.O.

MADRAS, Ore. - Mike Halsey was busy cleaning up the mess Friday after giant, baseball-sized hail from Thursday night’s storm pummeled his Madras home.

“About 15 minutes into the hail storm, the front window ended up breaking in our house. Two of our children ended up waking up, crying, screaming,” he said. “After, we come outside to find the damage to the truck, the house, the tree all over the place and then planters, small things here and there.”

He said his insurance won’t cover any of the damage.

The storm damaged businesses as well as homes.

Karen McCarthy owns Madras Garden Depot. She said the extreme weather damaged her greenhouse, as well as some of her outside plants.

“It just totally took the tops off all the tulips that were outside. I mean, they were decapitated,” she said.

Halsey and McCarthy agreed that they’ve never seen hail as big in the area.

“It’s never happened, and I’ve owned a business here seven years and I’ve lived in Central Oregon 11 years,” McCarthy said.

She said it will take about $700 and the help of several friends to put a new cover on her greenhouse. Halsey not only lost his front window, his car’s side view mirror also was broken and his truck received body damage.

Despite everything, Halsey said he’s not too upset, because seeing a rare event like this, accompanied by a dramatic lightning sky show, is something he’ll always remember.

“It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, really," he said. "You got hail balls that were literally the size of baseballs. I mean, you don’t see that every day. It’s really not something that you’re ever going to see.”.

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